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A growing selection of resources on sustainability, climate and fashion.


Find here a selection of documentaries that give you an overview of the dark side of fashion and how we can act for a better tomorrow. 


Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion – Ben Akers

Minimalism: A Documentary About The Important Things – Matt D‘Avella

The Next Black – David Dworsky, Victor Köhler

The True Cost – Andrew Morgan

Rana Plaza Collapse Documentary: The Deadly Cost Of Fashion – New York Times

RiverBlue – Roger Williams, David McIlvride

Find all listed videos in our Youtube playlist.


Circular Economy

Circular Economy With Dame Ellen MacArthur – One Young World

Explaining The Circular Economy And How Society Can Re-think Progress – Ellen MacArthur Foundation

Moving Towards A Circular Economy – EU Environment

Resource Abundance By Design  –  William McDonough

The Power Of Circularity – BoF Voices




Wearing Nothing New – TED



Fast Fashion

I Broke Up With Fast Fashion And You Should Too – TED

How To Record Silence – TED



Supply Chains

Life Cycle Of A T-Shirt – TED

Fashion Revolution Cotton Supply Chain – Fairtrade International

Inside An Indian Tannery – National Geographic

Where Do Your Online Returns Go? – TED

How Data Is Driving The Future Of Fashion – TED

3 Creative Ways To Fix Fashion's Waste Problem – TED



Textile and Material Technology

Fashion Has A Pollution Problem - Can Biology Fix It? – TED

Leather And Meat Without Killing Animals – TED

On The Trail Of Fairtrade Cotton – Fairtrade International

Why "Biofabrication" Is The Next Industrial Revolution – TED




I Started A Blogger-Revolution – TED

Why Design Should Include Everyone – TED​​​​

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