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Introducing Our Journal

We are not only coming to the end of this year but are also celebrating The Stitch's first birthday this week. Both occasions lend themselves excellently to reflect on this first chapter of The Stitch that is now written.

In retrospect, it feels surreal to think about what this first chapter brought us. Earlier this year, we created our Sustainability Beginner's Guide with the support of the Creative Matterz Fund and are among the finalists of CSF's Fashion Value Challenge with IBM, Vogue Business and Kering. Meanwhile, we have launched our new website (welcome, you are currently browsing on it), our Brands and Education Link Lists are growing steadily, and we participated in a project with the Institute of Digital Fashion on digital clothing – where we were introduced to a new way of radically reducing over-consumption.

Through these experiences, we had the chance to meet some incredibly fascinating people whose work for the fashion industry is enormously impactful. Inspired by this and wanting to give these voices and stories a platform, we are proud to announce the launch of our Journal, which marks the beginning of the second chapter.

The Journal is a platform for change-makers in fashion, a forum for our community and for all those who want to share their stories and experiences in the industry.

What topics would you love to see or know more about? Or do you want to share your thoughts and submit an opinion article? Feel free to drop us a mail via!

Thank you for being part of this journey.

This is the prelude to the second chapter.

Melenie and Lilian.

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