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Lilian Weiermann


The Stitch is a London-based fashion education platform founded by Melenie and Lilian in 2020. What was born from their passion for fashion, culture, and climate justice as a collaboration during their bachelor studies has blossomed into a vibrant community. Today, The Stitch collaborates with changemakers who are committed to advocating for responsible fashion choices. The founders received their MA in Innovation Management from Central Saint Martins and were finalists in the Centre for Sustainable Fashion's Fashion Values Nature challenge, supported by Kering, Vogue Business and IBM.

Fashion and sustainability often seem at odds with each other, which makes it tricky to know where to begin. We detangle information to educate curious learners willing to deal with climate issues but do not know how to transform their love for fashion and their interest in climate into actions.

Asking for progress

It's time for the fashion industry to take responsibility for its environmental and social impact. Consumers should not bear the blame for the industry's systemic failures. We must come together as a society to find solutions and advocate for change. Let's embrace new perspectives and knowledge for an equitable future.

Intersectional environmentalism

The issue of environmentalism can only be discussed by recognising that the systemic breakdown of our climate disproportionately impacts marginalised communities. With the help of Kimberlé Crenshaw's concept of 'intersectionality', we must analyse the intersections of various social and political identities such as gender, class, ability, sexuality, religion, physical ability and race to safeguard both the people and the planet.

The values we live by

Education for action

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