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Feel The Ground: A Documentary Contrasting Cultural Views on Sustainable Fashion

Multi-disciplinary artist and intersectional environmentalist Oumou Aidara portrays cultural views on sustainable fashion consumption and social issues in their short documentary fiction film.

A portrait of Oumou Aidara by NTI
Credits: NTI

Oumou Aidara imagines a world without kyriarchy, racism and image abuse by telling a new story of environmental justice and celebrating the BIPOC/Queer/LGBTQIA+ community in their artistic work. Therefore, taking action to decolonise environmentalism is one of the first things they do as an intersectional environmentalist.

For Oumou, it means bringing their particular cultural background to bear in a way that simultaneously foregrounds immediate stories. Their heritage and cultural experiences are rooted in Dakar, the Senegalese capital, where they were born and raised and from which they drew inspiration for their new short documentary ‘Feel the Ground’. Fascinated by nature, they often use its elements as props to showcase the inherent beauty of organic forms and their lush colours, bringing together the themes of identity, humanity and the earth in a new context.

"I'm working towards making a bigger contribution to a world where animal rights, human rights, women's rights, Indigenous rights, black people's rights, LGBTQIA+ rights, and climate justice are respected and achieved. A world where our system is reformed, mental health is being cared for and the planet is thriving." Oumou Aidara

"Feel The Ground" is a short documentary-fiction film in Wolof, English, and German. It portrays contrasting cultural views on sustainable fashion consumption and social issues. We follow the journey of a Senegalese woman who studies film in Berlin. A film project dedicated to sustainable fashion brings back memories of when she was bullied for wearing second-hand fashion. She shares her reflections on the subject on her journey and interviews people to find new perspectives. In the end, she confronts the bully.

"Feel The Ground" written and directed by Oumou Aidara and produced by Mary Ellen Hynes

For this production, Oumou mainly casts people from their environment with whom they feel connected. Although the characters in the documentary are fictional, many of them were inspired by their friends who play these roles. Standing up for the same values, caring about the environment and being interested in critical discussions brought the team together in the first place. But behind this is also the connection between the group’s different socio-cultural backgrounds and identities, which leads them to create an inclusive working space for an intersectional fight for the planet.

"I dream for a future where the ecosystem is thriving and we're taking better care of ourselves. One where the corporations are held responsible for their actions – not the other way around."
Oumou Aidara


What inspires Oumou:

"We need to talk about Kevin" by Lynne Ramsay.

Moses Sumney, I adore all of his music.

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